No complacency

Not so much a post about travel today…more about a journey.

I’ve never understood why January 1st is supposed to be the start of everything better and new.  We all have our own built-in New Year…it happens on our birthday.

Today is my birthday…I guess this one marks what is possibly the mid-point of my life.  I can’t even believe it as I write it.  How did this happen??

I’ve been fortunate over the years to have traveled extensively and I have appreciated every opportunity I’ve been given to do so.  When my time is my own in a couple of years I hope to get to many of the places I’ve yet to see.  Volunteer work is definitely on the agenda then…something more than an hour here and there.  Maybe a couple of months teaching in Africa, coaching a Girl’s On The Run chapter, Red Cross here in the US.  So many possibilities…

I marked today by going to get a motorcycle permit…kind of reminiscent of all those years ago when I was 16 and made my dad take me to get my learner’s permit on my birthday…I couldn’t wait to drive and have freedom!    The plan is to get a moped-type scooter and use it for short trips around home.  There’s no telling where it will lead though…my first marathon run was to be my last and I’ve run one on all 7 continents.

So a bike ride and run today here at home…couldn’t be a more beautiful day on the coast….or a more beautiful day to start the next year of my life.

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