First Impressions of Paris


After months – well, to be honest, years – of thinking and planning, I’m living my dream. I’m hanging out in Paris for a total of 2 months. Living like a local, renting an apartment, eating pain au chocolat and stinky cheese (not at the same time) and loving it.


 I spent the first few days just walking aimlessly around the city, re-acquainting myself with the orientation of everything. And I mean walk! The day after I arrived I logged almost 15 miles on foot and have been averaging 9 a day since. I haven’t yet set foot on a Metro, despite the cold temps.


All of these photos were taken on the first evening I arrived. I had to shake off some jet-lag so took a short walk around the neighborhood. And what a neighborhood it is! Within a 10 minute walk I can be at the Louvre or L’Opera. The tippy-top of La Tour Eiffel is actually visible from my apartment.


More to come…market visits, shopping, monuments, museums and food, food, food!

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