Do It Yourself Juice Cleanse

New Year, New You

Yeah, it’s a cliche, but the new year is here and I’m inspired to make a clean sweep. Organization. Drawers, closets, photos, you name it. It all needs to be done and I’m motivated to do it.

It’s not a resolution per se, but I’m also motivated to eat more healthfully. I’m pretty good overall, but could use some tweaking. Mostly, add more fruits and vegetables to my diet. I’ve been curious about the juice cleanses that seem to be so popular right now, even purchased some raw juice from the local health food stores. Though the color of some of them can be off-putting, I have to say they taste much better than I thought they would.

The Blueprint Cleanse caught my eye…lots of good reviews. I just can’t justify spending so much money – $65/day plus shipping – on something I could easily do myself. Enter the Breville Ikon Multi-Speed Juice Fountain. Cost equals about 2 days on the prepared cleanse, so it’s a relative bargain.

I also invested in a couple of books about juicing. The Blueprint Cleanse people have a book out there with the philosophy behind the whole juice cleanse idea which includes many of their recipes. As it’s so trendy right now, an internet search for ‘juice cleanse’ or ‘green juice recipes’ will bring up millions of sites.

I’ve tried out a couple of juices already and so far they’re all winners. Today’s experiment was a spinach, blueberry, apple, lemon from the Blueprint Cleanse book. After you get past the visual of drinking something that looks like swamp water the taste hits you…absolutely delicious!

Sunday is the official start of my 3-day juice cleanse. If you see me, please don’t tempt me with a slice of pizza!

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