2 03, 2013

Paris Puces

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 Paris' Marchés aux Puces are fairly well known. They're somewhat of an institution and can be an entertaining way to spend an hour (or more) off the beaten tourist path. The largest, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, is located at the very northernmost part of the city. But it can be a bit overwhelming, so my favorite to visit is the Puces de Vanves. It's a great size, lots to see, doesn't take up your entire day and has a nice, neighborhood feel to it. Pick a Saturday or Sunday and make the trek. It was a cold, damp Sunday when I headed to Porte de Vanves. The rain didn't seem to dampen the spirited exchange of [...]

11 01, 2013

Paris Travels

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I've been thinking and talking about it for as long as I can remember..'I want to go to Paris for an extended stay and pretend I live there'. Well, it's going to happen. I leave my home on February 4, and from February 5 through April 2 I'll call Paris home. I've got lists galore about what to bring, what not to bring, arrangements I need to take care of before I leave, cat instructions for my husband. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I've been to Paris many times before, but this time will be different. Aside from a handful of family and friends who have already committed to visiting I'll be on [...]

27 08, 2012

Images of Newburyport

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I'm really fortunate to live in a pretty little seaside city on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Newburyport is a place that people talk about taking a day trip to, yet I get to 'day trip' here every day. During any season Newburyport has views worth boasting about, but here are some of my favorites for late summer. There is boardwalk access right across the street from my house. The boardwalk runs along the river all the way into downtown, and this is the scenery along the way. Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury is just a short drive - or scooter ride - away. Once I get there I'm treated to the sight of their amazing [...]

17 08, 2010

Au Revoir et Bonjour

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My impending freedom from the work world is getting closer every day (less than 2 years away!), and the plan for what happens after that has changed form many times.  Volunteer?  Work part time somewhere?  Write that book?  Travel has been the only constant. Anyone who knows me probably knows that if I could choose anywhere to be it would be Paris.  I've been fortunate enough to travel there many times and for some extended periods of time.  While I've been thinking about what I will do when I have the time to do it, Paris keeps creeping back into my thoughts. I can be happy for hours walking through the streets of Paris marveling at [...]

21 04, 2009

LA in December

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It had been a while since I'd been to the Los Angeles area, so my friend Charlyn and I decided to check out the Left Coast for a little shopping and celebrity watching. We arrived Friday noonish for a long weekend.  Great 70 degree weather...a little incongruous while hearing Christmas carols and seeing Christmas trees for sale on the street corners, but better than the 30 degree weather at home.  We rented our car from Hertz (long line, but nice car) and headed to our hotel for the weekend.  The Hollywood Celebrity Hotel is in a great location;  about a block away from Mann's Chinese Theatre and at the base of the Hollywood Hills.  The hotel [...]