Buffalo April 2009

It’s a crime to visit or even pass through Buffalo, NY without a stop at the Anchor Bar;  home of the original Buffalo wings.  And they are better here than anywhere.  On a recent trip to Ontario, I flew into Buffalo and my sister, Caroline, picked me up.  We headed immediately to the Anchor Bar.  They weren’t even open yet…we had to wait 5 minutes.  When they did open, they filled up quickly.

Embarrassing as it was, we had to order both a white pizza and 50 wings, medium.  Not all for us!  We managed half of the pizza and 5 wings apiece, all the while explaining to the other lunch patrons that we were bringing most of the humongous pile of wings home with us.  Worth the humiliation though…we feasted on those wings for 3 days!

Update:  The Anchor Bar is open for business at the Buffalo Airport!

Photo credit:  David Berkowitz on flickr

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